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This repository lists static analysis tools for all programming languages, build tools, config files and more. The focus is on tools which improve code quality such as linters and formatters. The official website, analysis-tools.dev is based on this repository and adds rankings, user comments, and additional resources like videos for each tool.

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Also check out the sister project, awesome-dynamic-analysis.

Table of Contents

Programming Languages

Multiple Languages


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Programming Languages

<a name="abap" /> <h2>ABAP</h2> <a name="ada" /> <h2>Ada</h2> <a name="asm" /> <h2>Assembly</h2> <a name="awk" /> <h2>Awk</h2> <a name="c" /> <h2>C</h2> <a name="csharp" /> <h2>C#</h2> <a name="cpp" /> <h2>C++</h2> <a name="clojure" /> <h2>Clojure</h2> <a name="coffeescript" /> <h2>CoffeeScript</h2> <a name="coldfusion" /> <h2>ColdFusion</h2> <a name="crystal" /> <h2>Crystal</h2> <a name="dart" /> <h2>Dart</h2> <a name="delphi" /> <h2>Delphi</h2> <a name="dlang" /> <h2>Dlang</h2> <a name="elixir" /> <h2>Elixir</h2> <a name="elm" /> <h2>Elm</h2> <a name="erlang" /> <h2>Erlang</h2> <a name="fsharp" /> <h2>F#</h2> <a name="fortran" /> <h2>Fortran</h2> <a name="go" /> <h2>Go</h2> <a name="groovy" /> <h2>Groovy</h2> <a name="haskell" /> <h2>Haskell</h2> <a name="haxe" /> <h2>Haxe</h2> <a name="java" /> <h2>Java</h2> <a name="javascript" /> <h2>JavaScript</h2> <a name="julia" /> <h2>Julia</h2> <a name="kotlin" /> <h2>Kotlin</h2> <a name="lua" /> <h2>Lua</h2> <a name="matlab" /> <h2>MATLAB</h2> <a name="nim" /> <h2>Nim</h2> <a name="ocaml" /> <h2>Ocaml</h2> <a name="php" /> <h2>PHP</h2> <a name="plsql" /> <h2>PL/SQL</h2> <a name="perl" /> <h2>Perl</h2> <a name="python" /> <h2>Python</h2> <a name="r" /> <h2>R</h2> <a name="rego" /> <h2>Rego</h2> <a name="ruby" /> <h2>Ruby</h2> <a name="rust" /> <h2>Rust</h2> <a name="sql" /> <h2>SQL</h2> <a name="scala" /> <h2>Scala</h2> <a name="shell" /> <h2>Shell</h2> <a name="swift" /> <h2>Swift</h2> <a name="tcl" /> <h2>Tcl</h2> <a name="typescript" /> <h2>TypeScript</h2> <a name="verilog" /> <h2>Verilog/SystemVerilog</h2> <a name="vim-script" /> <h2>Vim Script</h2>

Multiple languages


<a name="dotenv" /> <h2>.env</h2> <a name="ansible" /> <h2>Ansible</h2> <a name="archive" /> <h2>Archive</h2> <a name="arm" /> <h2>Azure Resource Manager</h2> <a name="binary" /> <h2>Binaries</h2> <a name="buildtool" /> <h2>Build tools</h2> <a name="css" /> <h2>CSS/SASS/SCSS</h2> <a name="configfile" /> <h2>Config Files</h2> <a name="configmanagement" /> <h2>Configuration Management</h2> <a name="container" /> <h2>Containers</h2> <a name="ci" /> <h2>Continuous Integration</h2> <a name="deno" /> <h2>Deno</h2> <a name="embedded" /> <h2>Embedded</h2> <a name="erb" /> <h2>Embedded Ruby (a.k.a. ERB, eRuby)</h2> <a name="gherkin" /> <h2>Gherkin</h2> <a name="html" /> <h2>HTML</h2> <a name="json" /> <h2>JSON</h2> <a name="kubernetes" /> <h2>Kubernetes</h2>

It is inspired by, contains code from and is designed to stay close to Kubeval, but with the following improvements:

<a name="latex" /> <h2>LaTeX</h2> <a name="laravel" /> <h2>Laravel</h2> <a name="make" /> <h2>Makefiles</h2> <a name="markdown" /> <h2>Markdown</h2> <a name="meta" /> <h2>Metalinter</h2> <a name="mobile" /> <h2>Mobile</h2> <a name="nix" /> <h2>Nix</h2> <a name="nodejs" /> <h2>Node.js</h2> <a name="package" /> <h2>Packages</h2> <a name="prometheus" /> <h2>Prometheus</h2> <a name="protobuf" /> <h2>Protocol Buffers</h2> <a name="puppet" /> <h2>Puppet</h2> <a name="rails" /> <h2>Rails</h2> <a name="security" /> <h2>Security/SAST</h2> <a name="smart-contracts" /> <h2>Smart Contracts</h2> <a name="support" /> <h2>Support</h2> <a name="template" /> <h2>Template-Languages</h2> <a name="terraform" /> <h2>Terraform</h2> <a name="translation" /> <h2>Translation</h2> <a name="vue" /> <h2>Vue.js</h2> <a name="wasm" /> <h2>Webassembly</h2> <a name="writing" /> <h2>Writing</h2> <a name="yaml" /> <h2>YAML</h2> <a name="git" /> <h2>git</h2>

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