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A curated list of awesome Swift playgrounds.


Please take a quick look at the contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

If you see a playground here that does not work anymore with the current release of Xcode or is not a good fit, please submit a pull request to improve this file or consider updating it, thank you!

Downloading all the playgrounds

Unless otherwise indicated, all playgrounds are compatible with Swift 3.

All the playgrounds are available as submodules in the playgrounds/ directory, to download them all in one go, just clone this repository with git clone --recursive https://github.com/uraimo/Awesome-Swift-Playgrounds.git or execute git submodule update --init after you have cloned the repository the usual way.

Apple's playgrounds distributed as zip archives have to be downloaded manually.


🌟 = My personal favorites

🍁 = Swift 4+ Playground

⏳ = Pre-Swift 3 Playground


WWDC Students Submissions

Playgrounds submitted by students for the WWDC scholarship


Playgrounds that can be run on your iPad

Learning Swift

Some interesting playgrounds to learn Swift

Learning Swift: Advanced Topics

Advanced topics, useful once you have mastered the basics of the language

Design Patterns

Protocol Oriented Programming

Functional Reactive Programming

Apple's Playgrounds

Playgrounds from Apple, usually presented at some WWDC

Playgrounds about Playgrounds

Playgrounds that describe what you can do with playgrounds

Playgrounds from Playgroundbooks

Playgrounds derived from iPad Swift Playgroundbooks

Theoretical Computer Science

Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and data structures implemented in Swift


Programming language interpreters implemented in Swift

Machine Learning

UIKit And Graphics

A list of playgrounds that demostrate various aspect of UIKit and other graphical frameworks

Core Image





Sounds and music


Live math with playgrounds

Libraries and APIs

Library tutorials, in a playground

Playground Sets

Sets of playgrounds about various topics


What doesn't fit anywhere else, but still awesome