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A curated list of awesome tools, libraries, and resources for the Qt framework.

Qt is a powerful cross-platform application development framework, for use primarily (but not exclusively) in C++. It's great for GUI applications, but can be used for many other things as well.

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Official Resources


If you build it, they will come. This section describes aggregations of Qt users who share knowledge and code with one another. The most popular and active communities are listed in this section, but you can find a more comprehensive list here (that includes several in other languages) if you'd prefer.




A good developer writes his or her own tools. A great one uses tools others wrote. This section will help you be great; more formally, this section details applications that make it easier to create software with Qt. You may also be interested in the Libraries section.

Official Tools

The Qt framework has surprisingly many tools that don't get the spotlight. This section describes them (as well as the star players that do). For the purpose of this section, "tool" refers to Qt-centric utilities whose code does not get embedded within your application (but their output might).

Third-Party Tools

Bindings in Other Languages

This section describes software that enables creation of Qt software in a primary language other than C++. Libraries that allow run-time scripting in a Qt application are listed under Integrations.

See these these three articles if you want more.


This section describes two kinds of third-party libraries; those that provide their own brand-new functionality (e.g. widgets, dealing with particular file formats), and those that provide integrations with existing software (e.g. scripting languages, clients for REST APIs, implementations of established protocols).


For the purpose of this section, an "Integration"-focused library does one of the following:

  1. Serves as a client for an established Web service.
  2. Wraps another library in a Qt-friendly manner as more than just an implementation detail (i.e. it tries to mimic the wrapped API).

New Functionality

Software Repositories

If the Libraries section doesn't satisfy you, perhaps one of these will.


Each entry is followed by a standout list of articles, talks, or other resources.


Software that Uses Qt

A framework is only as great as the software that uses it. Fortunately, much great software uses Qt.

There's also an official showroom here, which lets developers submit their own Qt-powered applications for display.

Other Relevant Awesome Lists

If you're familiar with Awesome, you'll know that there's an extremely wide variety of resources, the usefulness of which will depend on your project. However, if you're developing Qt applications, you'll almost certainly want to look at these as well.



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