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Awesome Low Code Awesome

A curated list of Awesome Low Code platforms, vendors, tools and resources.

Low Code platforms provide a development and runtime environment used to create all kinds of software application through an intuitive experience, with minimal to no coding skills requires.

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Citizen Automation and Development Platform

A development platform for business users (citizen developer is a term for business users, not a role or a job title) that doesn't require coding skills and is based on intuitive drag & drop interfaces. Applications created in such platforms are usually made to automate or improve efficiency of business processes and of personal productivity, without going through IT. CADP are usually consumed as SaaS.

Low Code Application Platform

An advanced development platform that enable organizations to create powerful enterprise grade applications with no to minimum extra coding requirements with easy to use drag & drop interfaces. Since such platforms simplify the application development process, more types of personas can contribute and accelerate the development process. Those platforms are PaaS development platforms, and can also reduce development cost and maintenance.

Business Process Management

A Low Code Application Platform dedicated to streamlining business processes. These platforms enable business users to automate complicated business workflows and actions with no coding background by providing an easy to use drag & drop interface. Automations that are built in such platforms are usually built in an event-driven mode (triggers) around critical business processes. BPA can be consumed via a SaaS or an on-premises appliance.

Robotic Process Automation

An automation platform that helps organizations remove human manual intensive processes and avoid errors, as well as making sure human required attention is efficiently maximized only on critical aspects of work. RPA technology introduced the concept of software robots, built by the end-user humans, to perform repetitive manual intensive processes in an automation fashion, and can understand and processes computer interactions with SaaS and on-premises applications just like a human-being. RPA technologies involve building, deploying, and managing those software robots.

Intelligent Virtual Agent

A software application which is built and configured by its users to perform manual repetitive and error-prone tasks in an automated faster fashion. Bots are built and configured mostly in Low Code platforms via easy to use drag & drop interfaces. Examples to the use of bots could be seen in user conversation via messaging and voice platforms that help them take decisions and act through business processes.

Integration Platform as a Service

A platform that help organizations control, simplify and standardize the way that applications are integrated (internally developed or 3rd party SaaS). Such platforms help to share data between applications, automate business workflows and remove manual error prone ones, in an advanced controlled manner. iPaaS also enables more types of personas to integrate applications, removing the constant dependency on software developers. iPaaS can be deployed within an organization either as a SaaS or as on-premises appliance.

Low Code API Management Platform

A Low Code platform which supports full lifecycle API management, including creation, management and monitoring of API endpoints.

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