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Welcome to Awesome Golem, a community-curated list of resources, links, projects, tools and applications on Golem!

The users of Golem run the reference implementation in the form of the Rust implementation, Yagna. Together the users make up the Golem Network, a P2P marketplace for computational resources where individuals can act as one of the two non-exclusive roles; a provider selling idle resources, or a requestor buying resources to run tasks.



Network Statistics

Golem Projects

GPU Provider

We want to extend the capabilities of Golem Network for GPU workloads. Project status is available on the pinned messages of the dedicated GPU Provider channel on our Discord. You can find it under #golem-projects.

Ray on Golem

Ray on Golem is an exciting integration with Ray, a distributed computing framework, to provide an easier way of accessing the Golem Network for Python developers.

golem-js - the JS SDK from Golem

golem-js is a library and set of developer tools and docs that are aimed to enable developers to create Golem applications running in Node.js or browser context.

Jupyter on Golem

Jupyter on Golem is a JupyterLab Python kernel that empowers you to run your Python Notebooks using the decentralized resources available on the Golem Network.

Rendering on Golem

In close collaboration with Reality Games, we've developed a service that activates Golem's providers for rendering personalized building animations as a (web2) proof-of-ownership for ERC-1155 tokens. Learn more here

Reputation System

The Reputation System goal is to address the challenges of trust and reliability in the network where anyone can participate as a provider or requestor without any sort of identification. The system aims to establish a framework of trust, ensuring secure and reliable interactions between participants on the network.


Blockchain Automations (aka Emeth.xyz)

Emeth specializes in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) portfolio management and blockchain automations. It leverages Golem's technology to offer tools for automation and simplification of managing DeFi investments. The platform focuses on enhancing the ease and efficiency of operating within the DeFi space. It combines user-friendly interfaces with sophisticated analytics, catering to the needs of both novice and experienced DeFi users.

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