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Curated List of Ruby Machine Learning Links and Resources

Machine Learning is a field of Computational Science - often nested under AI research - with many practical applications due to the ability of resulting algorithms to systematically implement a specific solution without explicit programmer's instructions. Obviously many algorithms need a definition of features to look at or a biggish training set of data to derive the solution from.

This curated list comprises awesome libraries, data sources, tutorials and presentations about Machine Learning utilizing the Ruby programming language.

A lot of useful resources on this list come from the development by The Ruby Science Foundation, our contributors and our own day to day work on various ML applications.

:sparkles: Every contribution is welcome! Add links through pull requests or create an issue to start a discussion.

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Machine Learning Libraries

Machine Learning algorithms in pure Ruby or written in other programming languages with appropriate bindings for Ruby.


Neural networks

Deep learning

Kernel methods

Evolutionary algorithms

Bayesian methods

Decision trees


Linear classifiers

Statistical models

Gradient boosting

Vector search

Applications of machine learning

Data structures

If you're going to implement your own ML algorithms you're probably interested in storing your feature sets efficiently. Look for appropriate data structures in our Data Science with Ruby list.

Data visualization

Please refer to the Data Visualization section on the Data Science with Ruby list.

Articles, Posts, Talks, and Presentations

Projects and Code Examples

Heroku buildpacks

Books, Blogs, Channels


Related Resources


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