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Awesome Game Production

A curated list of awesome resources, related to game production process - books, articles, tools, project management, methodologies - aimed to help game producers deliver their games.

Video game development (or production) is a process of developing a video game by a single person or a team of developers, not necessarily professionals or employed by someone to do so. This list is focused on game producer's role - a person, who manages and orchestrates the game production process in multitude of ways. Hence the shortened list name.

This list does not cover specific disciplines like game design, quality assurance, programming. Refer to the Gaming section of the "master" awesome list for other gamedev stuff.

Majority of the provided resources are in English, but I might include items in other languages too, if you help me by creating a pull request. Look for a flag next to the link.


📚 Books

Some books might not be as good as the others, but still hold some value to producers. Refer to the Articles section for more practical resources, and consider below books for your next evening reading session.

📰 Articles

Links to articles, hosted elsewhere. These may disappear or change location overtime, which is when you might want to ask Wayback Machine for help.

Game Producer Role and Skills

Game Production Best Practices and Tips

Agile Project Management

Designing a Production Process

Schedule Management


Many post-mortems here are back from the day, and might seem outdated and not useful. But after reading through them you'll quickly realize the teams back then had the same issues. Use these articles as a lense to look at your problems.

📺 Videos


🔧 Tools and templates

As a producer, you might need a few tools to help you deliver the damn thing. Some of these may not be useful to you directly, but I might have include one if I think you should at least know such a tool exists. This is to help you gain a few credits in your team.



📨 Subscriptions

To stay up-to-date, consider subscribing to all or some of the below resources. These are not production related (as in Project Management), but as a producer, you kinda want to know a little bit about everything in gamedev. So pick your poison.




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