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A curated list of GitHub's awesomeness

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The awesomeness is currently organized into just a few different buckets:

What is the Awesome GitHub list? It's a collection of things that make GitHub one of the most amazing co-creation platforms in the world.

It is specifically focused on GitHub, and not on Git. Git is indeed awesome. And there would be no GitHub without Git. And yet, GitHub has become much more than a home to much of humanity's open-source code; it has become one of the world's most vivid examples of the power of mass collaboration.

All that to say, this list -- Awesome GitHub -- is an attempt to document that aspect of what is awesome: everything that GitHub has become -- far beyond what Git is today, and beyond where GitHub started just eight years ago.

The inspiration for this list came from a session proposal for the 2015 Mozilla Festival. I later learned, serendiptiously, that the Mozilla Festival itself was using GitHub issues to manage the program -- reviewing proposals, assign sessions to tracks and themes, and much more. Just one more example of how GitHub is being used to make awesome.

Infomation for people who are new to GitHub

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