Awesome Hackathon

A curated open list of platforms and tools that can help you to organize and run tolerant and productive hackathons.

This list tries to cover what is ⚡️awesome⚡️ about hackathons, hackdays and hacknights, and the community of organizers who run them! See also 🕶️awesome-hackathons, 🕶️awesome-hackathon-projects and 🕶️awesome-hackathon-starters.

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By awesome 🕶️ hackathon platforms, we mean web or mobile applications that are specifically designed to run a hackathon, or which have effectively adapted for use in events of this type. They typically allow organizers to announce the schedule and topics, register participants, and document the results.

Open Source 🌳

These can be run with a cloud provider or self-hosted, to take full control of the data. Being open source efforts, they typically embrace open standards. Several are developed by non-profits and volunteer communities.

Closed Source 🔒

Despite having a presence on GitHub, the core sources of these applications are at this time closed, or their licenses unspecified.

Unmaintained 🧊

These projects, while open source, are currently not showing signs of active development. Please contact us if you think otherwise! They might need your help, or have valuable content that could be reused.


Companies that provide products and services for, or regularly organise, hackathons.


These are frameworks, utilities and online tools for solving a variety of issues that hackathon organizers commonly face. They often have some way of integrating with the platforms above. See also the Guides listed further down, which cover many of the same topics.







These are helpful handbooks and articles that will give you some orientation, and help you to prepare a plan for organizing your event.


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