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A community-curated list of awesome Plone add-ons.

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Plone is a open source CMS written in Python with a focus on functionality, customizability and security out of the box.

There are over 3000 add-ons for Plone on pypi and over 1500 repositories in the collective. If you want to know if there is already a add-on for Plone that fits your needs, searching for it on GitHub or pypi can be hard. It's hard to understand which one could be a good solution or not.

This list is intended to fill that gap, and create a shared knowledge about common products and techniques.

For a filterable list of addons aggreating all Plone related packages from PyPi see https://pag.derico.tech.

This list only covers add-ons that work with the latest major versions of Plone (currently 5.2 and 6) and only those that support Python 3.

Plone 6 comes with a new default frontend called Volto, which is written in React and uses plone.restapi to communicate with Plone. Volto is very extendable in itself. Checkout the awesome-volto list for add-ons to Volto.


Content and utilities for content

Add-ons that provide content-types or additional functionality for content

Searching and Categorizing


Products and resources that help developers and users to create and manage site layouts.


Add-ons that extend the layout editor plone.app.mosaic.


Add-ons that handle events and calendars.


Add-ons that allow generating and using forms.


Add-ons to help manage multilingual sites.


Add-ons that handle image, video and audio content.



Add-ons for search engine optimization.


A list of authentication plugins, to integrate Plone with external user , Importsources and Migrations.import


Export, Import and Migrations



Add-ons that help developing Plone


Add-ons that help admins deploying and maintaining Plone

Finding more add-ons

It can be hard to find the right add-on for your requirements. Here are some tips:

Once you have a shortlist, test these add-ons. Here are the main issues you need to test before you install an add-on on a production site:

Once you found an add-on you like, you can ask the community if you made a good choice or if you missed something:

If you can't find something that fits your requirements 100% you can:

Official resources

Because Plone also has a lot of good official info resources

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Contributions are welcome! Read the contribution guidelines.