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/* A curated list of awesome frameworks, style guides, and other cool nuggets for writing amazing CSS. */



This document is a curated list of frameworks, style guides, and cool nuggets of information for writing awesome CSS. It does not contain resources to learn CSS.

Complementary Resources

If you're struggling with something CSS-related, look for answers within the following resources:

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Table of Contents

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CSS Working Group

The CSS Working Group creates and defines CSS specifications. These specifications are assigned maturity levels as they move through the design process. If you would like to learn more, visit CSS Working Group Page.

Editor's Draft :black_nib:

Editor's drafts of CSS specifications

Parsers :mag:

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Preprocessors :pill:

Write CSS faster

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Frameworks :art:

You can find more frameworks at "awesome-css-frameworks"

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Toolkits :wrench:

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Reset and Normalize

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CSS Development at Large-Scale Websites

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Code Style Guidelines :book:

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Style Guide

View more style guides at Website Style Guide Resources

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Style Guide Generators :slot_machine:

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Naming conventions & Methodologies :bulb:

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Here is a CSS in JS techniques comparison

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CSS Polyfills

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Podcasts :radio:

Something to listen to while programming.

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Twitter :satellite:

Active accounts to follow.

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Videos :tv:

*Good study videos from CSS Must Watch Videos. Some items are quoted from AllThingsSmitty/must-watch-css.

I told him on Twitter. I appreciate his valuable efforts.*


  1. Next-Generation Web Styling - Una Kravets & Adam Argyle @ Chrome Dev Summit 2019.


  1. Component-Based Style Reuse :page_facing_up: transcript :watch: 37:24 - Pete Hunt @ CSS conf 2016.
  2. CSS4 Grid: True Layout Finally Arrives :page_facing_up: transcript :watch: 29:27 - Jen Kramer @ CSS conf 2016.
  3. Houdini: Demystifying the Future of CSS :watch: 36:58 @ Google I/O 2016.


  1. Mdo-ular CSS :watch: 30:06 - Mark Otto @ jQuery UK.
  2. CSS Architecture with SMACSS :watch: 30:15 - Caleb Meredith @ DevTips channel.
  3. CSS Workflow from the Ground Up :watch: 46:06 - Jonathan Snook @ Generate conf 2015.

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Books :books:

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Tutorials :clapper:

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