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Software Engineering for Machine Learning are techniques and guidelines for building ML applications that do not concern the core ML problem -- e.g. the development of new algorithms -- but rather the surrounding activities like data ingestion, coding, testing, versioning, deployment, quality control, and team collaboration. Good software engineering practices enhance development, deployment and maintenance of production level applications using machine learning components.

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πŸŽ“ Scientific publication

<br> Based on this literature, we compiled a survey on the adoption of software engineering practices for applications with machine learning components.

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Broad Overviews

These resources cover all aspects.

Data Management

How to manage the data sets you use in machine learning.

Model Training

How to organize your model training experiments.

Deployment and Operation

How to deploy and operate your models in a production environment.

Social Aspects

How to organize teams and projects to ensure effective collaboration and accountability.



Tooling can make your life easier.

We only share open source tools, or commercial platforms that offer substantial free packages for research.


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