Asynchronous HBase

This is an alternative Java library to use HBase in applications that require a fully asynchronous, non-blocking, thread-safe, high-performance HBase API.

This HBase client differs significantly from HBase's client (HTable). Switching to it is not easy as it requires to rewrite all the code that was interacting with any HBase API. This pays off in applications that are asynchronous by nature or that want to use several threads to interact efficiently with HBase.

Documentation can be found under http://opentsdb.github.io/asynchbase/

Please read the Javadoc starting from the HBaseClient class. This class replaces all your HTable instances. Unlike HTable, you should have only one instance of HBaseClient in your application, regardless of the number of tables or threads you want to use. The Javadoc also spells out rules you have to follow in order to use the API properly in a multi-threaded application.

The GitHub repo branches are laid out as follows: