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Express & Angular app for sending messages to Senate and House members

(c) 2015 Electronic Frontier Foundation

Table of Contents

Background Info

Democracy.io is an app for contacting Senate & House members. It provides a user friendly wrapper around the individual member contact forms.

It uses APIs from:

Getting started


Ensure that Redis is running locally:

sudo apt-get install redis-server

or install manually via http://redis.io/topics/quickstart - making sure to read the "Securing Redis" section, especially if you install Redis manually.

App dependencies & build

npm install
npm run build


You can generate required creds by running

node bin/gen-creds.js


After you've run npm install generate a salt for encrypting IP addresses and store it in your local.json file, under: SERVER > CREDENTIALS > IP > SALT

var bcrypt = require('bcrypt');
var salt = bcrypt.genSaltSync(10);

Set a session secret and store it in your local.json file, under: SERVER > CREDENTIALS > SESSION > SECRET

App Configuration

App config is controlled via the node-config module.

To set credentials, create a local-dev.json file under the config dir and override the SERVER.CREDENTIALS setting.

Alternately, you can use:

Run tests

npm run test

Running the server locally

Spins up a local server to serve the app, including proxying browsersync on top of the express server.

gulp serve


To deploy the server, simply run:

pm2 deploy ecosystem.json5 production

For more instructions on setting up a production server, check /deployment/README.md.

Angular app

See the www/README.md for details