<h1 align="center"> <br> 📚 <br> <a href="https://curated-courses.herokuapp.com/">Collecobrary</a> <br> </h1> <h4 align="center">College | Course | Library</h4> <p align="center"> <a href="#learn">Learn</a> • <a href="#quickstart">Quickstart</a> • <a href="#contributing">Contribute</a> • <a href="#about">About</a> • <a href="#resources">Resources</a> </p> <p align="center"> Degree roadmaps comprised of 100% free, high quality online courses for self-study. </p>


<br> <h2 id="learn"> 📖 If you're here to learn</h2>

Visit the website to get started. Its super easy to use and there is no sign up or anything.

If you like the project, giving a :star: on GitHub really helps.

<br> <h2 id="quickstart">⚡ Quickstart</h2>

If it is your first time contributing, you might want to see contributing to get a sense of the project first before starting.

Project setup

First, clone the repo and install dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/IlIllII/collecobrary.git
cd collecobrary
npm install

Now you are ready to go. To run the server in development mode:

npm run serve

This will run the server on localhost:8080 and provide hot-reloads when saving files.

To compile and minify for production:

npm run build

To run the linter:

npm run lint

Once everything checks out locally, merge your pull request with the master to redeploy the live website.

<br> <h2 id="contributing">💪 Contributing</h2>

If you want to help contribute, thank you! Here are a few things that would really make an impact:

  1. Share an excellent course you've taken.
  2. Share ideas for ways to make the project more useful.
  3. Add new features if you can code.
  4. Share the project with friends if you think its cool.

Feel free to say hello and ask if you have any questions or comments. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

<br> <h2 id="about">💡 About</h2>

The idea for this project spawned from my own frustration with the online learning landscape. Finding quality courses is like searching for needles in haystacks. Hopefully this can make it a little bit easier to find a quality learning path.

<h2 id="resources">🧭 Resources</h2>

If you are trying to find good courses, here are some places to look:

Generally I have found that the MOOCs and other "learning platforms" have courses that are pretty poor quality, but that's just my opinion.

Good luck!