The unofficial Directus Lite SDK in less than 1Kb


Node.js: npm i directus-lite-sdk

Deno: -- just import it on your file


Create a new instance of the SDK passing the URL of your Directus API:

// Deno
import DirectusLiteSdk from "https://deno.land/x/directus_lite_sdk/lite-sdk.ts";
// Node
import DirectusLiteSdk from "directus-lite-sdk";

const sdk = new DirectusLiteSdk("your-api-url.com");

This instance exposes 2 methods: query and fileUrl.


Accepts 2 arguments: the path of your request, and an optional object containing the global params, and the access_token:

  sdk.query("items/articles", {
    fields: [
    search: "text",
    limit: 30,
    page: 4,
    filter: {
      project: {
        _eq: "lite-sdk",
      "year(pubdate)": 2022,

Query options:

interface QueryOptions {
  access_token?: string;
  filter?: DeepParam;
  fields?: string | string[];
  sort?: string | string[];
  search?: string;
  limit?: number;
  offset?: number;
  page?: number;
  aggregate?: Record<string, string>;
  deep?: DeepParam;
  alias?: Record<string, string>;
  export?: "json" | "csv" | "xml";
  meta?: "total_count" | "filter_count" | "*";

interface DeepParam {
  [key: string]: string | number | DeepParam;

Check Global Query Parameters on Directus docs for more info


Get the full path of a file. Receives the id of the file, and optionally 2 more arguments, the first one is an object containing the access_token and custom transformations; the second is an array containing the advanced transformations.

const imageUrl = sdk.fileUrl(
    fit: "cover",
    width: 100,
    format: "jpg",
    ["blur", 45],
    ["tint", "rgba(255, 0, 0)"],
    ["expand", { "right": 200, "bottom": 150 }],

FileUrl options:

  access_token?: string;
  key?: string;
  fit?: "cover" | "contain" | "inside" | "outside";
  width?: number;
  height?: number;
  quality?: number;
  withoutEnlargement?: boolean;
  format?: "jpg" | "png" | "webp" | "tiff";

Check Requesting a Thumbnail on the Directus docs for more info about custom and advanced transformations


Use Deno

deno test

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