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Fiber is an Express inspired web framework built on top of Fasthttp, the fastest HTTP engine for Go. Designed to ease things up for fast development with zero memory allocation and performance in mind.

A curated list of awesome Fiber middlewares, boilerplates, recipes, articles and tools. <br>


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βš™οΈ Middlewares

Where to discover Fiber middlewares.

🧬 Core

List of middlewares that are included within the Fiber framework.

πŸ”— External

List of externally hosted middleware modules and maintained by the Fiber team.

β€πŸ’» Contrib

List of third party middlewares and maintained by the Fiber team and community.

🌱 Third Party

List of middlewares that are created by the Fiber community.

🚧 Boilerplates

Premade boilerplates for Fiber.

πŸ“ Recipes

Recipes for Fiber.

πŸ› οΈ Tools

Several tools to make Fiber usage easier.

πŸ“– Articles

Articles about Fiber written by the community.

πŸ“Ί Videos

Video tutorials created by the community about Fiber.

πŸ€– Benchmarks

Several benchmarks to compare Fiber with other frameworks.

πŸ‘ Contributing

Contribution guidelines can be found on CONTRIBUTING.md