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Elba is a modern and (hopefully!) fast package manager for Idris. Supplemental information and alternatives can be found at this blog post.


There are two options for installing elba:

  1. Download the pre-built binary corresponding to your platform from GitHub Releases and place it in your PATH.
  2. Manually build and install elba yourself using the source code with git clone https://github.com/elba/elba.git && cd elba && cargo install --path ..

To build, elba requires the latest nightly Rust.


The elba Guide is intended to be the ultimate source of information on using elba and understanding its functionality.

Documentation for elba-the-Rust-library is hosted at docs.rs/elba.


Contributions are welcome; you can create an issue if you have a feature request or a bug report, and you can submit a pull request if you'd like to address a sore spot yourself. If you'd like to implement a large feature, please either leave a comment on an existing issue or create a new issue for that feature.

Discussion happens on the Matrix channels of the elba community; discussion about this command-line utility specifically happen in the relevant channel.


elba itself is distributed under the MIT License.