Directus extension - M2M tags

Use M2M relation with quick item referencing in tagging style.


In your Directus installation root

npm install directus-extension-tags-m2m-interface

Restart directus

How to use

  1. Create new M2M relation field to your collection
  2. For interface select Tags
  3. Select Corresponding Field

The interface uses the corresponding field to make the references, if no related item exists, then new one will be created with just the value set for the field. Please note that if you collection have some other required fields without default value, then probabbly saving will throw an error message.

Building locally and contributing

You can also clone this repository and build it by yourself.

npm ci
npm run build

Then use dist/index.js in your custom /extensions/interfaces/tags-m2m directory or create a symlink so npm run dev to rebuild upon a change.


Why this extension?

This extension is some kind of fork of my PR #3654 with some modifications.