This extension is under development, it may take breaking changes.

SVG Map Picker

Selecting a value from a SVG Map box.

Basically it's intended to be a select-dropdown or checkboxes replacement, where is required to pick a value from predefined list, and is nice to have good visual feedback.

Example usages could be:

... etc


In your Directus installation root

npm install directus-extension-svgmap-picker-interface

Restart directus

How to use

  1. Create new standard field with String or Numeric type
  2. For interface select SVG Map Picker
  3. Setup the selector to match all targeted elements
  4. Put your SVG image as a XML document in the SVG field


What type of SVG I can use?

You can use whatever SVGs you like, it is just necessery to have good way to select items (class names are good way to go) and have data-value attribute with desired values.

Can I use custom styling for hover and active states?

Yes, just use :hover pseudo class for hovering effect and .active class name for current selected item.

How to use as M2O interface?

Just setup and ensure the data-value is set to coresponding allowed ID of target collection.

Can I bundle my own SVG in order to reduce manual work?

Yes, you could benefit from the reusability and custom Directus extensions, so you could create your own packed version. Just take in mind that you still need to have this extension installed, even using custom bundles.

About how to do that, check the premade demo bundles on demo maps. Every of these is ready to be placed in your ./extensions/interfaces


Selector: .choice


<svg width="250" height="50" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">

	<!-- Custom styling using :hover and .active classes -->

		.choice:hover path {
			fill-opacity: .9;
		.choice:hover path {
			fill-opacity: .75;
		.choice.active path {
			stroke: black;
			stroke-width: 2;
			fill-opacity: 1;

	<!-- Define selectable blocks -->

	<g data-value="bue_pill" class="choice" title="The blue pill">
		<path d="M130 26c0-11 9-20 20-20h72c11 0 20 9 20 20s-9 20-20 20h-72c-11 0-20-9-20-20z" fill="#426373"/>
		<text font-size="20" y="34" x="151" fill="#B1FFFF">Blue Pill</text>

	<g data-value="red_pill" class="choice" title="The red pill">
		<path d="M7 26C7 15 16 6 27 6h72c11 0 20 9 20 20s-9 20-20 20H27C16 46 7 37 7 26z" fill="#805064"/>
		<text font-size="20" y="34" x="29" fill="#FFAFCC">Red Pill</text>