Editor.js - Directus extension

Block-styled editor for rich media stories, outputs clean data in JSON. More info at https://editorjs.io/


In your Directus installation root

npm install directus-extension-editorjs

Restart directus


To use this custom interface into a data model, you have to:

Example output of the interface

	"version": "2.19.0",
	"time": 1607174917790,
	"blocks": [
			"type": "paragraph",
			"data": {
				"text": "Paragraph from editorjs interface in Directus."

For more info check https://editorjs.io/base-concepts#what-is-clean-data

Building locally and contributing

You can also clone this repository and build it by yourself.

npm ci
npm run build

Then use dist/index.js in your custom /extensions/interfaces directory or in whatever you want.