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List of Awesome Hacking Locations, organised by Country and City, listing if it features power and wifi. Inspired by the awesome lists thing.


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This is a community curated list, please submit your PR with the spots you know and love for hacking!

Q: What makes a hacking spot awesome?

A place where you would go and take your friends to go hacking with, power and wifi are a plus, having coffee and snacks is a bonus. We are excluding for now places that require a subscription or membership of somekind (unless that membership can be done at the of the visit moment and it doesn't require a long term commitment).





Wifi | Power | Climatization  | Address | Open Hours
---- | ----- | -------------- | ------- | ----------


Hackerspaces are great places to hack, and in fact they are so great that they have their own list curated for many years now, if you are looking for a hackerspace, please consult:


CoWorking offices are awesome, but typically require a long term commitment, if you are looking for something more stable for a long term stay, look at http://coworkingmap.org/

Austria 🇦🇹



Coffee, Club Mate All kind of activities and talks

Webpage: https://metalab.at

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rathausstraße 6, 1010 WienAll time as long as a Key member is present

Belgium 🇧🇪


Workshop Café

Fantastic coffee shop, delicious 'Quiche', lots of tables.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/WorkshopCafeBelgium/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Av Louise, 146 1050 BrusselsMon-Sun 8:00-19:00

Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL)

Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL) is a space, dedicated to various aspects of constructive & creative hacking. The space is about 300 square meters, there is a little electronics lab with over 9000 components, a library, and lots of tools. You're always welcome to follow one of the workshops or come to the weekly Tuesday meetings, hack nights or other get-together events.

Webpage: https://hsbxl.be/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rue des Goujons 152, 1070 BrusselsTue 19:00-00:00

Brazil 🇧🇷

Rio de Janeiro


Front-end company that supports open culture. Not too many seats, but fast wifi. It's free.

Webpage: http://grama.cc/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
askRua Sorocaba 190, Botafogo, Rio de JaneiroMon-Fri 11:00-20:00, ask for a different time

Bulgaria 🇧🇬


Fabrika Daga

Different types of coffee, great food

Webpage: https://foursquare.com/v/фабрика-дъга/541969e5498e5713ab53d2ff

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
10 Veslets str., Sofia, BulgariaMon-Fri 8:00-22:00,Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-20:00


Co-working space, friendly hosts, artistic setting; has coffee, kitchen, bar and a garden. Entrance fee: 8 EUR to rent a desk

Webpage: http://soho.bg/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
4 Iskar str., Sofia, BulgariaMon-Fri 9:00-19:00

Cameroon 🇨🇲



Webpage: https://activspaces.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
ActivSpaces Buea, Fako Ship PlazaMon-Fri 8:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 9:30-18:00

Canada 🇨🇦


Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

Cafe in the former lobby of an 1880s hotel. Great coffee, beer, sweets & sandwiches.

Webpage: http://www.mulberrycoffeehouse.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
193 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L2, CanadaMon-Tue 7:00-22:00, Wed-Fri 7:00-23:30, Sat 8:00-23:30, Sun 8:00-20:00

Montréal <a id="montreal"></a>

Café Replika

Turkish coffee, pastries & sandwiches in a chill spot blending rustic & modern decor.

Webpage: http://cafereplika.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
252 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1E5Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00

Denmark 🇩🇰


The Black Diamond

The Royal Danish Library / the Black Diamond

Webpage: http://www5.kb.dk/en/dia/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, CopenhagenMon-Fri 8:00-20:00, Sat 9:00-18:00

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Roasts and sells their own coffee

Webpage: http://copenhagencoffeelab.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Boldhusgade 6, 1062 København KMon-Fri 7:30-17:00, Sat 11:00-17.00

The Coffee Collective (Godthåbsvej)

Coffee connoisseurs: Roasts and sells their own coffee + won several coffee championships (bad cellphone coverage)

Webpage: http://coffeecollective.dk/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Godthåbsvej 34B, 2000 FrederiksbergMon-Fri 7:30-19:00, Sat 9:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-18:00

Emmerys (Store Kongensgade)

Webpage: http://www.emmerys.dk/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Store Kongensgade 97, 1264 København K

Emmerys (Store Strandstræde)

Webpage: http://www.emmerys.dk/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 København K

Paludan Bogcafé

Open late

Webpage: http://www.paludan-cafe.dk

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Fiolstræde 10, 1171 KøbenhavnMon-Fri 9:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00

Riccos Kaffebar (Sluseholmen)

Make sure to get the rye bread sandwiches. Their advocadomad+kartoffelmad are sublime

Webpage: http://www.riccos.dk

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
At sofaSluseholmen 28, 2450 København SVMon-Sun 8:00-17:45


Open late

Webpage: http://www.bevars.dk

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Ravnsborggade 10B, 2200 KøbenhavnMon 9:30—23:00, Tue-Wed 9:30—24:00, Thu 9:30—2:00, Fri 9:30—3:00, Sat 10:00—3:00, Sun 10:00—21:30

Estonia 🇪🇪



NetPowerCoffeeFoodShowerAddressOpen Hours
10G+10G25kW + UPSAkadeemia tee 21/124/7

Food: Vending Machine + Cafés and Diners + Convenience stores

France 🇫🇷


KB CafeShop

Speciality French Coffee Makers

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/CafeShopSouthPigalle

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 ParisMon-Fri 7:30-18:30, Sat-Sun: 9:00-18:30

Le Progrès

Webpage: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g187147-d1171207-Reviews-Le_Progres-Paris_Ile_de_France.html

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
7 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris


Small coffee shop but with good coffee

Webpage: http://www.cafeloustic.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
40 Rue Chapon, 75003 ParisMon-Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat 9:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-18:00

Anticafe Louvre

You pay 5 euros per hour and everything on the menu is free.

Webpage: http://www.anticafe.eu/louvre

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
10 Rue Richelieu, 75001 ParisMon-Fri 9:00-22:30, Sat-Sun 10:00-21.30

Anticafe Beauborg

You pay 5 euros per hour and everything on the menu is free.

Webpage: http://www.anticafe.eu/beaubourg

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
79 Rue Quincampoix 75003 ParisMon-Fri 9:00-22:30, Sat-Sun 10:00-9:30

Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève

After a rather quick and free registration process, you get a fancy card and get to come back and enjoy this library's ambience.

Webpage: http://www-bsg.univ-paris1.fr

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
10 place du Panthéon (Rue Valette) 75005 ParisMon–Sat 10:00 AM–10:00 PM


Café Citoyen

Community-owned (see their website for details of their organisation organisation) and encouraging of event hosting and other activities. Café with great food and many speciality beers.

Webpage: https://cafecitoyen.org/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
?7 Pl. du Vieux Marché aux Chevaux, 59000 LilleMon-Tues 11:02 AM-10:01 PM, Wed-Fri 11:00 AM-11:58PM, Sat 14:00 PM-11:58 PM

Germany 🇩🇪



A weird old hackspace that masquerades as an alien ship, or vice versa. Good for hacking in dark corners with lots of Club Mate. Non-smoker not friendly. You may need a member to let you in, or to stay for a longer period of time.

Webpage: https://www.c-base.org/ Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C-base

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin, GermanyVariable

Schiller Bar

Next to a bakery ; very quiet between 10:00 and 18:00 ; awesome (english-speaking) staff.

Webpage: http://www.schillerbar.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Herrfurthstraße 7, 12049 BerlinMon-Sun 09:00–00:00

St. Oberholz

famous 2-story startup-beloved bar-restaurant; english-speaking staff.

Webpage: http://sanktoberholz.de/en/coffee/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rosenthaler Str. 72A, 10437 BerlinMon-Thu 08:00-00:00, Fri 08:03:00, Sat 09:00-03:00, Sun 09:00-00:00



Café inside the faculty of Computer Science of the Dresden University of Technology; always filled with friendly and helpful people, no matter the topic

Webpage: ascii-dresden.de

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
(eduroam only)Nöthnitzerstr. 46, 01187 DresdenMon-Thu 9:00-17:00; Fri 9:00-15:00



Makerspace with lots of tools. You may need a member to let you in.

Webpage: blog.attraktor.org

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Eschelsweg 4, 22767 HamburgVariable

CCC Hamburg

Hackerspace of the CCC Hamburg. You may need a member to let you in.

Webpage: hamburg.ccc.de

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Zeiseweg 9, 22765 HamburgVariable


Café Rossi

Next to the university; below the local hackspace home-baked cake and pastries;

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Krautgasse 26, 07743 JenaMon-Fri 07:30–19:00; Sat 10:00–17:00


Lost Weekend

Trendy coffee place + bookstore + vegan food; always filled with students during the weekend

Webpage: lostweekend.de

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Schellingstr. 3, 80799 MunichMon-Fri 8:00-20:00; Sat 10:00-20:00; Sun 12:00-18:00

Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Pink Coffee

They have a standing desk!

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/PinkCoffeeHK

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Shop 305, D2 Place, Lai Chi KokMon-Fri 8:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 9:30-18:00

India 🇮🇳


Whiteboard Cafe

Healthy food, books, printer, fast wifi

Webpage: http://www.whiteboard.cafe, Zomato

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Plot 15/1, 1st Floor, Sector 2, Opposite Cyber Gateway, Hitech City, HyderabadMon-Sun 8:00-22:00

Italy 🇮🇹


Cafe Peru

Nice little coffee, they have home-made pastries and good coffee (it is hidden in a beautiful location)

Webpage: http://www.caffeperu.it/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Via di Monserrato, 46, 00186 RomaMon-Thu 6:00-14:00, Fri-Sat 6:00-14:30, Sun 9:00-21:00

Japan 🇯🇵


Trunk Coffee

Super hipster, great music, really take their coffee seriously. They roast their own coffee.

Webpage: http://www.trunkcoffee.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
2 Chome-28 Izumi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture月~木/9:30-21:00 金/9:30-22:00
 土/9:00-22:00 日・祝/9:00-19:00



Scandinavian cafe with some seats, great coffee, nice music, and a hipster vibe

Webpage: http://www.fuglen.com/japanese/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
1 Chome-16-11 Tomigaya, 渋谷区 Tokyo 151-0063, JapanMon-Tue: 8am-10pm, Wed-Thu: 8am-1am, Fri: 8am-2am, Sat: 9am-2am, Sun: 9am-12am

Open Source Cafe

Small hack-cafe with good people and vibes

Webpage: http://www.osscafe.net/ja/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
〒155-0033 Tokyo, Setagaya, Daita, 6 Chome−11−14, G1Daily: 10:00-20:00. Closed Fridays.

Unir Coffee

24 Hour Hotel Lobby coffeeshop with industrial modern edge and a robot

Webpage: http://unir-coffee-akasaka.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
2 Chome-14-14 Akasaka, 港区赤坂 Tōkyō-to 107-0052Daily: 00:00-23:59


Mos Cafe

Nice cafe where they don't mind if you stay for the whole day. The wifi is so so but you can buy wi2 premium for 3$/6h.

Webapage: https://www.mos.jp/shop/detail/02388/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
〒604-8162 Kyoto, Nakagyō-ku, Shichikannoncho, 烏丸通六角下る253-1 読売京都ビルDaily: 10:00-21:00

Lithuania 🇱🇹


There are plenty of "Caffeine" branded cafes around that have pretty good wifi and service. English speakers are hit and miss, be prepared for a lot of random pointing and confusion. If you're paying with a credit card, expect people freaking out about what to do with a receipt that requires signing (no POS systems here support PINs).


A cafe connected to a bookshop. Very tolerant of hacker types who never leave. Wifi is about 8mbit, and fairly stable. Most speak enough English you can order a coffee, and the coffee is good. Cow milk only.

Webpage: https://vaga.lt/knygynas/draugyste-knygynas-gedimino-pr-2-vilnius

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Gedimino pr. 2-4, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania9–21

Netherlands 🇳🇱


Dwaze Zaken

Near the Amsterdam Central Station; Good food; Live music every Monday starting at 20:00

Webpage: dwazezaken.nl

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Prins Hendrikkade 50, 1012 AC Amsterdam, NetherlandsMon-Sat 9:00-00:00, Sun 9:00-17:30


Big beautiful and friendly cafe. Incredibly fast wifi and tons of seating. Very good food and high-quality coffee drinks.

Webpage: http://www.deysbreeker.nl/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Weesperzijde 23, 1091 EC Amsterdam, NetherlandsSun-Thu 8AM-1AM, Fri-Sat 8AM-2AM

Public Space

Across the river from Amsterdam Central. Great food, great coffee, remote worker friendly.

Webpage: publicspace.amsterdam

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Bercylaan 301, 1031 KP Amsterdam, NetherlandsMon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-17:00



Near the Delft Central Station; Good food; Hipster place; Has a small store (great for last minute gifts)

Webpage: kekdelft.nl

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Voldersgracht 27, Delft, NetherlandsMon-Fri 8:30-18:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00

Norway 🇳🇴



Awesome coffee with breakfast deal of coffee, juice and rye bread w/ brown cheese.

Webpage: http://www.coffeeberry.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Klubbgata 3Mon-Fri 7:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-18:00


Roasters, Architecture, Design, Books.

Webpage: http://www.kokkokokko.no/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Østervåg 43Mon-Thu 10:00-19:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-01:00, Sun 11:00-18:00


Award winning coffee and cosy place.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Bluebirdkaffebar/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Kongsgata 48Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun Closed.


Lugar 34

Very comfy and chill place. Beer is expensive as hell like everywhere else in Norway, but they also do excellent coffee. Has hippie style. 8mbit/1mbit wifi. Great opening hours.

Webpage: https://facebook.com/lugar34

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Storgata 3409–01


Racoon coffee and More

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Racoon-Coffee-More-as-303455009847582/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Kongens gate 6Mon-Thu 7:30-17:00, Fri 7:30-23:00, Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 12:00-17:00

Poland 🇵🇱


Karma Coffee

Awesome coffee shop. Multiple locations, only been to this one (closest to main square). Not too many seats, but fast wifi.

Webpage: http://www.karmaroasters.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Krupnicza 12, 31-123 KrakówMon-Fri 8:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00


Not big coffee shop with great coffee, very nice atmosphere and fast wifi. All you need for hacking.

Webpage: www.coffeestreet.pl

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Dolnych Młynów 3. 31-000 KrakówMon-Fri 6:30-21:00, Sat-Sun 7:30-20:00


Great coffee and food at reasonable prices.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/BlossomCoffeeAndFood/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rakowicka 20A, 31-510 KrakówMon-Sat 8:00-20:00, Sun 8:00-19:00

Café Lisboa

Solid coffee in a portuguese ambience. Calm music, lovely summer garden. A tiny spot but never loud. Great pasteis de nata, lunch options too.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/cafelisboa.krakow/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
x33-332, Dolnych Młynów 3, 33-332 KrakówMon-Wed 08:00-20:00, Thu-Fri 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-20:00

Café Tektura

Great coffee, with multiple brew choices, and sound food. Smallish and usually quiet.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/TEKTURAcafe/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Krupnicza 7, 33-332 KrakówMon-Sun 08:00-21:00

Coffee Corner

Good coffee and tea, right in the middle of the main railway station. Can get busy but usually not very loud. Plenty of electrical plugs available.

Webpage: http://www.coffeecorner.pl/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Pawia 5a, 31-154 KrakówMon-Sun 05:00-22:00

Spółdzielnia Ogniwo

Friendly cooperative bookstore cafe in the Kazimierz district. On offer coffees and teas from independed producents from all around the world.

Webpage: http://ogniwo.org/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Paulińska 28, first floor, 31-065 KrakówMon-Sun 16:00-22:00



Great coffee shop. Location in the city center (near main square), high quality coffee and snacks. It's small, but cozy place. They have wifi.

Webpage: http://kafo.info/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Józefa Wieczorka 14, 44-100 GliwiceMon-Fri 7:00-20:00, Sat 9:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-20:00

Portugal 🇵🇹


Mercado Negro

Old refurnished house; vintage; good for night owl hackers that just wanted to get something done. Calm and clean with several rooms, so there's always a quiet place to work.

Webpage: mercadonegro-aveiro.blogspot.pt

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Joao Mendonca 17, 3880-200 AveiroMon 21:00-02:00, Tue-Fri 17:00-02:00, Sat-Sun 14:00-02:00

NATA Lisboa

Small modern place in the city "centre". Calm, clean, a good variety of tapas to eat. Speciality natas.

Webpage: natalisboa.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Praça Marquês de Pombal 3, 3810-076 AveiroTue-Sun 09:00-19:00


Nórdico Coffee Shop & Brunch

Specialty coffee and brunch in the city center. Calm, clean, great food, even better coffee.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Nordicocoffeeshop/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
R. do Anjo 90A, 4700-305 BragaMon: 12-19h, Wed-Sat: 10h30-19h, Sun: 11-17h

Café São Martinho

Small, unknown café near the city stadium. Has a pool table, small indoor garden, a small terrace, smoker and non-smoker areas. Not the regular hacker café, but an actual place for hackers that want some quiet place to be during the day, away from the commotion of the city center.

Webpage: N/A

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua de São Rosendo - nr 17, 4700-099 BragaMon-Thu 7:30 - 21:00, Fri-Sat 7:30 - 22:00, Sun 7:30-14:00

Centro Comercial Nova Arcada

Shopping mall just outside Braga, surprisingly very quiet during the week and many people go there to study/work. There is free WiFi provided by the mall, you just need to re-login every 45 or so minutes (I hacked away this script to automate the process, seemed to work for a whole afternoon). There are power plugs available, restaurants and cafes are on the same floor and free bus from/to city center during the week.

Webpage: http://www.novaarcada.pt/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Avenida de Lamas, nº 100 União de Freguesias Real, Dume e Semelhe 4700 BragaMon-Thu, Sun 10:00 - 23:00; Fri-Sat 10:00 - 24:00


Espaço Guimarães

Shopping mall just outside Guimarães. There is free WiFi provided by the mall, you just need to re-login once in a while. There is a big offer in power outlets on the restaurant zone. There is also a free shuttle between the shopping and the city (currently suspended due to the pandemic).

Webpage: https://espaco-guimaraes.klepierre.pt

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
R. 25 de Abril 210, 4835-400 SilvaresMon-Thu, Sun 10:00 - 23:00; Fri-Sat 10:00 - 24:00



Nice place with really nice environment and laptop friendly!

Webpage: http://ilovenicolau.com

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️R. Ferreira Borges 101, 1350-128 Lisboa9am - 9pm

Wifi pw: ilovenicolau

Choupana Café

Webpage: http://4sq.com/XuO7me

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
?Avenida da República, 25 A – SaldanhaSun-Sat 7:00 - 20:00

Confeitaria Lisboa

Well lit, great croissants.

Webpage: http://4sq.com/1JRQG4q

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️/♨️Av. Joao XXI LisboaMon-Sat 7:30AM:8PM

Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Lisboa

Pour over, aeropress, espressoo - this place has got it all.

Webpage: http://copenhagencoffeelab.com/cafe-at-rua-nova-da-piedade/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
1200 192, R. Nova da Piedade 10, 1200-405 Lisboa

Ler Devagar

Fantastic library with a vintage collection of books. Make sure to taste 'bolo da marta' on the first floor.

Webpage: http://www.lerdevagar.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Desenvolvimento e PatrocínioRua Rodrigues Faria,n. 103 - Ed. G - 0.3, 1300-501 LISBOA

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

One of the places in Lisbon where they actually understand coffee.

Webpage: http://4sq.com/1dQaY6h

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Portas De Santo Antão, 136, Lisbon, Portugal

Montana Lisboa Café

Street Art shop + speciality coffee place that is laptop friendly!

Webpage: http://4sq.com/2fHRcQF

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Armazém 20, porta 3, 1200-450 Lisboa10am - 7pm

Wifi pw: graffiti

O pão nosso

Although small, it is a great bakery. Staff is super friendly.

Webpage: http://www.opaonosso.pt/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
R. Marquês Sá da Bandeira 46, 1050-149 Lisboa, Portugal

Wifi pw: fermento

Padaria Portuguesa - Cais do Sodré

One of the many Padaria Portuguesa bakeries, delivious sweets and sandwiches.

Webpage: apadariaportuguesa.pt

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️Av. 24 de Julho 1G, 1200-425 Lisboa7am - 10:45pm

Wifi pw: portuguesa

Pois Café

Webpage: http://www.poiscafe.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua S. João da Praça, 93-95 Lisboa

Quatro ao Rato

Nice place with nice environment in the middle of city. Always has a vegetarian alternative for lunch. Opens early.

Webpage: https://pt-pt.facebook.com/quatroaorato/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
♨️Largo do Rato 4A, 1250-096 Lisboa8am - 20pm

Royale Café

Quiet and friendly staff. A bit on the pricey $$ side though.

Webpage: http://www.royalecafe.com

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️/♨️Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 29 R/C LisboaMon-Wed 12-11pm & Thu-Sun 12pm-12am


Webpage: http://tartine.pt/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️/♨️R. Serpa Pinto 15A, 1200-026 Lisboa

Wish - Slow Coffee House

Small coffee shop with good tables

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/wishslowcoffeehouse

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103 - Espaço G2 1300-501 Lisbon

Mercearia do Campo

Great lunch menu, quiet all day (except lunch), friendly people and cosy atmosphere.

Webpage: http://www.merceariadocampo.pt/en_GB/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Saraiva de Carvalho - 115 R/C, 1250-242 LisboaMon-Thu 08:00 - 00:00, Fri-Sat 09:00 - 02:00

Eric Kayser

Open space even with wifi outdoors and nice cakes, could be noisy sometimes

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/erickayserportugal

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Amoreiras Plaza Rua Professor, R. Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto 9, 1250-252 LisboaSat-Sun 08:00 - 20:00, Mon-Fri 07:30 - 20:30


Armazem do caffe - Leca da Palmeira

Has amazing view to the beach. Its quiet, has a lot of power sockets, coffee its good, food its good and cheap

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
R. António Nobre 17, 4450-618 Leça da Palmeira8:30am - 7:00pm

Screenshot from 2022-08-09 15-51-59


Hipster vibes with large record collection, coffee, beer, and tasty bagels.

Webpage: https://www.bop.pt

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
R. da Firmeza 575, Porto, PortugalMon 12:30pm - 1:00am, Tue-Sun 10:00am - 1:00am

Duas de Letra

Calm and cosy cafe with relaxing music and a nice backyard.

Webpage: (duasdeletra.pt)[http://duasdeletra.pt/]

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Passeio de São Lázaro Nº 48, Porto, PortugalMon-Thu 10:00am - 10:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:00am - 12:00am, Sun 02:00pm - 08:00pm


Quiet cafe with nice music, empty upstairs, great salad, and cool dances at night.

Webpage: embaixadaporto.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Praça de Carlos Alberto 121, Porto, Portugal

Mesa 325

Good spot to while away a day with plenty of outlets, great coffee and cheap eats.

Webpage: http://4sq.com/28XN73L

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Av. de Camilo 325, Porto, PortugalMon - Fri 8:30am-7:00pm, Sat 10:00am - 7:00pm


Very nice and cozy coffee in the city center of Porto, near Carmo Church and Fountain of Lions. Has 2 floors, with a lot of comfortable chairs and a small room with tables and plugs.

Webpage: http://www.moustache.pt/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Praça Carlos Alberto 104, Porto, PortugalMon-Wed 8:00 - 20:00, Thu-Sat 8:00 - 2:00, Sun 14:00-20:00

Café Candelabro

Coffee shop, library and bookshop right in the center of Porto.

Webpage: https://www.cafecandelabro.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua da Conceição 2, Porto, PortugalSat 4:00pm - 2:00am, Sunday 4:00pm - 12:00am, Monday 1:00pm - 2:00am, Tuesday - Friday 10:30am - 2:00am

Café Vitória

Restaurant and coffee shop right in the center of Porto with a nice garden in the back.

Webpage: http://www.cafevitoria.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua de José Falcão 156, Porto, PortugalSaturday 2:00pm – 2:00am, Sunday Closed, Monday - Thursday 12:00pm – 1:00am, Friday 12:00pm – 2:00am

Viana do Castelo

Pastelaria Jardim

Hacking with a great view of the city's park

Webpage: https://pt.foursquare.com/v/pastelaria-jardim/4f1c28e5e4b08fa665830c09<Paste>

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Joao Tomas da Costa, Viana do Castelo 4900-509, Portugal

Casinha Boutique Café

Quiet place near the city center, with lots of natural light and a good selection of snacks and salads.

Webpage: https://pt.foursquare.com/v/casinha-boutique-caf%C3%A9/53909128498ec1bfd0cfcb7a

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Rua Cândido Dos Reis, N° 20

Singapore 🇸🇬

Outram Park

Just Want Coffee

Not so much noisy and crowded. It is located nearby MRT station. Coffee and cakes are also good.

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/JWCEverton/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Blk 1 Everton Park, #01-27, Singapore 081001Mon - Fri 8:30AM–6PM, Sat - Sun 10AM–6PM

Bread & Hearth

In the center of Keong Siak road, with plenty of coffee shops and restaurants. Awesome handcrafted artisan bread, and decent coffee. Crowded between 12 - 2pm.

Webpage: http://breadandhearth.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
?18 Keong Saik Road, 089125Daily 8:30AM–9.30PM

one north

Jimmy Monkey

Friendly to keyboard warriors, they also do a selection of simple-done-right munchies.

Webpage: http://www.jimmymonkey.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
9 one-north gateway, #01-51 one-north residences, Singapore 138643Daily 7:00AM–6.00PM

Slovenia 🇸🇮

See https://github.com/otobrglez/awesome-workplaces-slovenia

South Korea 🇰🇷


Hollys Coffee, Line 9, Sinnonhyeon station

Extremely fast, stable internet, Power outlet on every seats, 24 Hours open

I saw ASUS RT-AC68U WiFi Router

Router connected with KT Giga Internet, which is fastest internet in South Korea (including oversea network access)

Many seats and seat types (Sofa, Bar Stools...)

Has Smoking Area

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/osWKar7YQfm

Naver Map: http://naver.me/FjThMRso

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
478, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea24H, Everyday

Spain 🇪🇸


Federal Café

Café with great natural lightning and delicious food

Webpage: http://federalcafe.es/barcelona-gotic/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Passatge de la Pau, 11

Frenesi Cafe

Small cozy coffee shop with comfortable sits and lots of plugs (even USB plugs)

Webpage: http://frenesicafe.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 115Mon: Closed, Tue-Thu: 9-19, Fri-Sun: 10-17


Cozy coffee shop which also serves natural juices and tasty food. Has a nice terrace on the back.

Webpage: http://4sq.com/14xZ71H

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Marià Aguiló, 99, 08005 Barcelona Catalonia


Coffee shop with a great ambiance (Full of plants and music delicious to the ear)

Webpage: http://espaijoliu.tumblr.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Carrer de Badajoz 95. Poblenou. Barcelona

Morrow Coffee

Coffee shop with a multicultural vibe. Good music and great people.

Webpage: https://morrowcoffee.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Av. Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 403 Barcelona, Spain, 08015 Barcelonaa

ÖSS Kaffe Barcelona

Friendly place to work and drink Coffee in El Raval. The staff is great.

Webpage: https://www.instagram.com/osskaffe.es/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
C/ de Joaquín Costa, 26, 08001 Barcelona, Espanha

52 Moments

Cafe with lots of free tables (most of which have a power socket nearby) since most people only come for takeaway. Staff mostly speaks a little English, enough to communicate. Fairly loud, bring a headset, not ideal for meeting heavy days.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
C. de Rocafort, 35, 08015 BarcelonaMo-Su 06:00-22:00

Speedtest result



Super central, powerful wifi and awesome biscuits.

Webpage: http://www.26grados.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Calle Rosal, 13, 33009 Oviedo, Asturias

Sweden 🇸🇪

In general, you can go to any Wayne's Coffee or Espresso House to get wifi and a power point. Wayne's Coffee wifi is usually a bit spotty compared with the Espresso Houses that I tried, and Espresso House often caters for laptop users with power points under chairs or near tables.


Café Fåtöljen

Coffee is okay. Open access point, ~7mbit down on average, 1mbit up. Ample power. Very quiet and very close to the metro.

Webpage: http://cafefatoljen.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Götgatan 14, 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden9–23

Café Pascal

The shared wifi at the time was 200mbit down, 40mbit up. Excellent food, excellent coffee. Not a good long term working spot, but great to upload an iOS app while eating and drinking brilliant food.

Webpage: https://cafepascal.se

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
SomeNorrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden7–19


Cafe Linne

Nice place. Food is a bit pricey but very good. Coffee is good. English is understood, as are foreign cards. Wifi is good enough. Open ridiculously late!

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/cafelinne/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
SomeSvartbäcksgatan 22, 75 332 Uppsala, Sweden8–22

Switzerland 🇨🇭


Boreal Coffee Shop - Talacker

Very nice coffee, spacious, good tables to work and a bunch of couches.

Webpage: http://www.borealcoffee.ch/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Some plugsTalacker 41 CH-8001 ZürichMon - Fri: 07:00 - 19:00 Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 19:00

Turkey 🇹🇷


Istanbul HS

Webpage: https://istanbulhs.org

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Eğitim Mh. Muratpaşa Cd. Altay Apt. No:11/A Kadıköy


Denizli HS

A Hackerspace spot.

Webpage: http://www.denizlihs.org/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
Çamlaraltı Mah. Hüseyin Yılmaz Cad. No:67 Pamukkale/Denizli24/7

United Kingdom 🇬🇧



London Hackspace

Access to C&C Mill, Laser cutter, 3d printer(s) & more. Food & drinks available

Webpage: https://london.hackspace.org.uk/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
447 Hackney Road, London, E2 9DY24/7 (Members Only)



Edinburgh Hacklab

Edinburgh Hacklab is part of the worldwide movement of Hackerspaces - shared spaces for people who mess around with technology for fun.

Webpage: https://edinburghhacklab.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PLOpen night every tuesday


Restoration hardware styled light cafe with professional brews, good seats, wifi, great music, food, in the old part of town.

Webpage: www.brewlabcoffee.co.uk

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
6-8 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AAMon-Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00

United States 🇺🇸

Arizona <a id="arizona"></a>

Tucson, AZ <a id="tucson-az"></a>

Shot in the Dark Cafe

local art, some food, kind of punk/dingy, lots of people at their computers, 24/7

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
21 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 8570124/7

California <a id="california"></a>

Los Angeles, CA <a id="los-angeles-ca"></a>

The Cow's End Cafe

Casually cow-themed cafe and deli, with lots of 1st and 2nd floor seating, literally a block from the Pacific Ocean.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
34 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 902926AM - 9PM

San Diego, CA <a id="san-diego-ca"></a>

Vinaka Cafe

Very Californian and laid back. Common spot for locals with wonderful food and ice cream.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
300 Carlsbad Village Dr #211, Carlsbad, CA 920087AM - 10PM

Mountain View, CA <a id="mountain-view-ca"></a>

Red Rock Coffee

Red walls set the mood at a cafe where art & live music are often served with the coffee & snacks

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
201 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041Mon-Thu 7:00-22:00, Fri 7:00-23:00, Sat 8:00-23:00, Sun 8:00-20:00

Oakland, CA <a id="oakland-ca"></a>

Arbor Cafe

Huge, artsy space with ample power outlets, varied seating, and solid wifi.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
4210 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 946098AM - 7PM

Hudson Bay Cafe

Very sunny, cozy spot with tasty coffee and food. Right on the street corner for optimal people-watching.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
5401 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618Weekdays: 6AM - 6PM, Weekends: 7AM - 6PM

Palo Alto, CA <a id="palo-alto-ca"></a>


Historic Varsity Theatre location with free and reservable seats, well-tuned wifi, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Webpage: http://hanahaus.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301Mon-Fri 7:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-19:00

Backyard Brew

Outdoor caffee in backyard with tents to shelter you from sun/rain. Open all-year round.

Webpage: https://aoccoffee.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
great444 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301Mon-Sat 8:00-17:00, Sun 8:00-15:00

San Francisco, CA <a id="san-francisco-ca"></a>

Coffee Bar

Big and spacious space with many seats, lots of plugs, not that great WiFi. During summer it may get quite hot as no AC/good airflow.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
1890 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94110Mon-Fri 7:30-16:00, Sat 8:00-16:00, Sun 10:00-16:00

Sightglass Coffee

Even though no-wifi and no power plugs, still worth visiting because it is very vibrant space, with cool vibe.

Webpage: https://sightglasscoffee.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
NopeNope270 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103Mon-Sun 7:00-19:00

Black Hammer Brewing

If you are "over-coffeed" you can try this great brewery with lot of craft beers on tap. Very work-friendly (USB ports, staff will even loan out cables for charging). In the evening it gets quite busy.

Webpage: https://blackhammerbrewing.com

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
544 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

San Jose, CA

Caffe Frascati

Nice decor & theming, upstairs seating, and friendly staff. Wifi is decent.

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
ask315 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113Mon-Thu 7:30-22:00, Fri-Sat 8:00-00:00, Sun 8:00-21:00

Santa Monica, CA <a id="santa-monica-ca"></a>


Great coffee and usually has available seating. Wifi is bad.

Webpage: http://the-refinery.cafes-city.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
(✔)413 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401Mon-Fri 7:30-18:00, Sat 8:00-18:00, Sun closed


Chicago, IL <a id="chicago-il"></a>

Dolce Casa

A coffee shop, a European-style café, and a neighborhood gathering spot all in one.

Webpage: http://dolcecasacafe.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
4947 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625Mon-Fri 7:00-16:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-15:00

The Perfect Cup

Coffee, tea, and great snacks. Plus, it's close to the Brown "L" train line.

Webpage: http://www.perfectcupchicago.com/

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
4700 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625Mon-Fri 6:30-20:00, Sat-Sun 7:00-20:00

Maryland <a id="maryland"></a>

Baltimore, MD <a id="baltimore-md"></a>

The Bun Shop

Loftlike, late-night cafe for filled buns like piroshki & empanadas, plus Vietnamese coffee. BYOB.

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
239 W Read St, Baltimore, MD 212017 days 7am-3am

Massachusetts <a id="massachusetts"></a>

Boston, MA <a id="boston-ma"></a>

District Hall

Open workspace with whiteboard walls, great coffee, moderately busy.

Webpage: http://www.districthallboston.org/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open175 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210Mon-Fri 08:00-02:00, Sat 12:00-02:00, Sun 12:00-21:00

Pavement Coffeehouse

Great coffee, pretty busy

Webpage: http://pavementcoffeehouse.com/content/736-commonwealth

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open736 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215Mon-Fri 07:00-21:00, Sat 07:00-20:00, Sun 12:00-21:00

Pavement Coffeehouse

Great coffee, pretty busy. Lots of plugs, good music.

Webpage: http://www.pavementcoffeehouse.com/content/44-gainsborough

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open44 Gainsborough St, Boston, MA 02115Mon-Sun 07:00-20:00


Cambridge, MA <a id="cambridge-ma"></a>


Amazing coffee, tea, ice cream, moderately busy

Webpage: http://www.tosci.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open1899 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02139Mon-Fri 08:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-23:00

Somerville, MA <a id="somerville-ma"></a>

Bloc 11

Same good food as Forge and Diesel, back room is nice, moderately busy, outdoor seating. If you have xfinity, good reception for wifi for that. Acid coffee.

Webpage: http://blocsomerville.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
paying11 bow st. union sq, Somerville, MAMon-Sun 07:00-20:00

Diesel Cafe

Same good food as Bloc 11 and Forge, larger, more industrial, busy but always a space, standing desks at back, lots of resident coders. Acid coffee.

Webpage: http://www.diesel-cafe.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
paying257 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144Mon-Fri 06:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 07:00-23:00


Forge Baking Company

Same good food as Bloc 11 and Diesel, busy, bright, not many plugs. Acidic coffee, no vietnamese coffee option.

Webpage: http://www.forgebakingco.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
paying626 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00

Minnesota <a id="minnesota"></a>

Minneapolis, MN <a id="minneapolis-mn-"></a>

Peace Coffee

Good coffee and food options, big tables and a community room available

Webpage: https://www.peacecoffee.com/peace-coffee-shops/wonderland-park/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open3262 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406Mon-Fri 06:30AM-08:00PM, Sat 07:00AM-08:00PM, Sun 8:00AM-8:00PM

South Carolina <a id="south-carolina-"></a>

Columbia, South Carolina <a id="columbia-sc-"></a>


Great coffee, acai bowls and bubble tea. Never crowded or noisy either so its good if you enjoy peace and quiet for hacking.

Webpage: https://yoghut.com/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️/♨️601 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201Mon-Sat 9:30AM-11PM, Sun 10:30AM-1PM


Austin, TX

Houndstooth Coffee

Unassuming place with pretty outstanding coffee and the space to get things done. Plus it's in the Frost Bank Building, the most evil looking building in Austin!

Webpage: https://www.houndstoothcoffee.com/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
❄️/♨️401 CONGRESS AVE STE 100C AUSTIN, TX 78701MON – FRI: 6:30 AM – 7 PM SAT & SUN: 8:00 AM – 5 PM

New York <a id="new-york"></a>

New York, NY <a id="new-york-ny"></a>

Amazon AWS Loft

Free loft in soho sponsored by Amazon web services with free food, wifi, coffee and beer.

Webpage: https://aws.amazon.com/start-ups/loft/ny-loft/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open, password on wall350 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013Open Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Ground Support Cafe

Great spot in Soho for getting things done and feeling like you belong with the cool soho crowd

Webpage: http://www.groundsupportcafe.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open, password on wall399 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013Open Weekdays 7am - 8pm Weekends 8am - 8pm

Pushcart Coffee Chelsea

Great community workspace with coffee, pastries and beer.

Webpage: http://www.pushcartcoffee.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open, password on Wall401 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001Open Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 8:30pm Saturday - Sunday, 8:00am - 7:30pm

Virginia <a id="virginia"></a>

Richmond, VA <a id="richmond-va"></a>

Ironclad Coffee

Lots of small and large tables, free fast wifi, plenty of power, and some of the best coffee in Richmond.

Webpage: https://ironcladcoffee.com/

WifiPowerClimatizationAddressOpen Hours
open, password on wall❄️/♨️1805 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23223Open Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm Closed Sundays

Washington <a id="washington"></a>

Bellevue, WA <a id="bellevue-wa"></a>

Bellevue Public Library

Free to all, a lot of space, 3 floors, free parking lot.

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open1111 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004Mon-Thu 9:00-21:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 12:00-20:00

Seattle, WA <a id="seattle-wa"></a>

Seattle Public Library

Free to all, lots of space, must be quiet though.

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
1gbit1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104Mon-Thu 10:00-20:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 12:00-18:00


Nice coffee shop, great espresso, moderately busy.

Webpage: http://zeitgeistcoffee.com/

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
open171 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104Mon-Fri 6:00-19:00, Sat 7:00-19:00, Sun 8:00-20:00

Ada's Technical Books

Tasty coffee and great food, free wifi and places, but also has paid day passes for private space.

WifiPowerCoffeeAddressOpen Hours
ask425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112Mon-Sun 8:00-22:00

Fix Coffeehouse

Cafe, with beer and nice location on Green Lake

WifiPowerAddressOpen Hours
ask6900 East Green Lake Way N, Seattle, WA 98115Mon-Fri 6:00-21:00, Sat 7:00-21:00, Sun 7:00-20:00