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A collaborative curated list of awesome Ansible resources, tools, Roles, tutorials and other related stuff.

Ansible is an open source toolkit, written in Python, it is used for configuration management, application deployment, continuous delivery, IT infrastructure automation and automation in general.

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Official resources

Official resources by and for Ansible.


Places where to chat with the Ansible community

There are also many Ansible IRC channels on libera.chat that are bridged to Matrix. You can find the full list and how to connect in the official documentation documentation but here's a few:

#ansible#users:ansible.comGeneral Ansible user support and discussion
#ansible-devel#devel:ansible.comDeveloper discussions around code, bugs and features
#ansible-community#community:ansible.comCommunity working group, wide range of topics including weekly meetings
#ansible-docs#docs:ansible.comDocumentation working group, discuss docs and participate in weekly meetings
#ansible-devtools#devtools:ansible.comFor devtools such as ansible-lint, molecule and the vscode plugin
#ansible-awx#awx:ansible.comFor the AWX open source project, upstream of Ansible Tower/Automation controller
#ansible-network#network:ansible.comFor general support and discussion around network automation with Ansible
#ansible-fr#francais:ansible.comFor discussion about Ansible in french


Tutorials and courses to learn Ansible.


Books about Ansible.


Video tutorials and Ansible training.


Tools for and using Ansible.

Blog posts and opinions

Best practices and other opinions on Ansible.



Playbooks, Roles and Collections

Awesome production ready Playbooks, Roles and Collections to get you up and running.

Editor and IDE Integrations

Awesome Integrations into Text Editors and IDE's to make development with/for Ansible easier.