"Open source cloud & desktop IDE."

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Codebox is a complete and modular Cloud IDE. It can run on any unix-like machine (Linux, Mac OS X). It is an open source component of codebox.io (Cloud IDE as a Service).

The IDE can run on your desktop (Linux or Mac), on your server or the cloud. You can use the codebox.io service to host and manage IDE instances.

Codebox is built with web technologies: node.js, javascript, html and less. The IDE possesses a very modular and extensible architecture, that allows you to build your own features with through add-ons. Codebox is the first open and modular IDE capable of running both on the Desktop and in the cloud (with offline support).

The project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. A screencast of the IDE is available on Youtube.


How to install and run Codebox

Desktop Applications

Installers for the latest stable build for Mac and Linux can be downloaded on the release page.

Instructions on how to install it can be found for each release.

Install from NPM

Codebox can be installed as a Node package and use programatically or from the command line.

Install Codebox globally using NPM:

$ npm install -g codebox

And start the IDE from the command line:

$ codebox run ./myworkspace --open

Use this command to run and open Codebox IDE. By default, Codebox uses GIT to identify you, you can use the option --email=john.doe@gmail.com to define the email you want to use during GIT operations.

Others comand line options are available and can be list with: codebox --help. For deeper configuration, take a look at the documentation about environment variables.

Command line options

-h, --help              output usage information
-V, --version           output the version number
-r, --root [path]       Root folder for the workspace, default is current directory
-t, --templates [list]  Configuration templates, separated by commas
-p, --port [port]       HTTP port

Need help?

The IDE's documentation can be found at help.codebox.io. Feel free to ask any questions or signal problems by adding issues.

Helping Codebox

I want to help with the code: Codebox accepts pull-requests, please see the Contributing to Codebox guide for information on contributing to this project. And don't forget to add your contact informations on the AUTHORS list.

I found a bug: File it as an issue and please describe as much as possible the bug and the context.

I have a new suggestion: For feature requests please first check the issues list to see if it's already there. If not, feel free to file it as an issue and to define the label enhancement.

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