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This repository contains curated list of different urban & regional planning data & technology resources. Those interested in the built environment are invited to review and contribute to this repository.


The Technology's Division's Resource Repository is sponsored by the following companies and organizations.

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Public Data Resources

Data resources that are publicly available for use. Licenses may apply.

Open Data Sites and national scale datasets should be near the top of each section.

Built Environment





Environment and Ecosystem Services

Energy and Natural Resources

Equity and Environmental Justice


Historic Preservation


Land Use and Land Cover



Resilience and Natural Hazards


Vendor Data Resources

Vendors that can provide purchased or licensed data for a variety of uses.

Built Environment



Land Use and Land Cover

Resilience and Natural Hazards

Urban Observation

Travel Behavior

Planning Data Specifications

A collection of urban planning related data specifications and standards for use as part of programs & projects.

Built Environment



Planning Coding Resources

This is a curated list of Python, R, or other open-source libraries or programming tools can be useful for urban planning applications.


Python Libraries & Related Resources.


R Packages & Related Resources.


Other coding special projects and/or other resources.

Web and JS

Front-end web related packages and resources.

Learning to Code

Resources for planners learning coding and urban informatics.

Platforms and Software Resources

Software and platforms for planners and those interested in the built environment.

AI in Planning Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms that employ models that draw inferences from data or generate data that have specific utility for urban planning applications. The American Planning Association's Technology Division authored an open letter identifing the neet for ethical use of these tools.

Economic Development and Econometric Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms that help planners understanding the economic impacts of decisions, from fiscal impact analysis to employment forecasting.

Environmental and Climate Planning Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms intended to aid environmental planning or climate adaptation & mitigation planning.

Geospatial Data and Visualization

Software, tools, and platforms for geospatial visualization.

Immersive Planning and Design Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms designed to create digital replicas of our world, render urban scenes, and immerse stakeholders in 3D digital environments to illustrate potential designs or alternative futures.

Planning Management and Administrative Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms intended to help assist with planning management and adminstration. This includes software for permitting, development review, digital plan development, and other planning management tasks.

Public Engagement Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms intended to aid with public engagement and outreach activities.

Urban Design Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms to assist with urban design and similar creative applications in built environments. This includes 3D modeling tools, rendering, and different XR applications.

Urban Planning Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms intended to assist general urban planning tasks and processes.

Transportation Planning Tools and Platforms

Software, tools, and platforms intended to assist with transportation planning tasks and processes.

Educational and Informational Resources

Collections of planning related literature, information aggregators, or similar resources.

AICP Resources

Resources pertaining to AICP certification test preparation, continuing education, and other resources.

Literature Resources

Resources linking to peer-reviewed journals or federal research aggregators of interest. These are not specific papers, but their curators.

General Planning Information and News

Websites and news resources for urban planning, the built environment, or communities.


Podcasts touching on the built environment or communities.

Other Resources

Other types of planning data & technology resources. They are a good source of inspiration to contribute to this repo for example, but we don't need to duplicate efforts.

Other GitHub Resource Lists

This page is registered as an awesome-list, but similar GitHub repositories can be listed here. These are managed curations of resources that relate to different topics.

Other Technology Resource Aggregators

These are other aggregators that bring together different planning related tools, software, data, and related resources.


Form Based Contributions

If you don't have a GitHub, but have a resources that falls into the categories below you would like to contribute try putting the information in this Google Sheet here. We will look at incorporating it into the repository pending review. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGp_XC5V-uIzafsVBhR4xKX9YhgNOz22w84Sg0zo0ONDdV4w/viewform?usp=sf_link

GitHub Contributions

We are actively looking for contributions from those interested in urban planning and technology. To find out more, visit the Contribution page to see our recommended format. For large contributions, file an issue first. The advantage of contributing to the repo in this manner is that your addition to this shared resource will be recorded.

License and Citation

Similar to other resources aggregators, this repository is released into CC 1.0. We do not require citation, but in order to generate more contributions for and understanding of this resource we do appreciate sharing this repository or citing it where appropriate.

If you do cite this repository you can as:

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